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Exploring Air \u0026 Air Pressure 3 properties of air.

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Answer from: daltondespain2 Temperature refers to how warm or cold air is, and the density of the air is how many molecules are packed into a certain space of air. But, air pressure also affects temperature - the more those molecules bump into each other, the more heat they generate.

3 properties of air

Answer from: arodriguez Rising Air creates low pressure while sinking air creates high pressure. WIth high pressure, sinking air suppresses weather development. High air pressure produces clear sky, dry and stable weather.

3 properties of air

In a low pressure zone, wind is circulated onwards and upwards rapidly. As a result, air rise and cools.

3 properties of air

Clouds and precipitate are formed Temperature refers hot or cold. Another question on Physics Physics, Answers: 3 Answer Physics, Answers: 3 You know the right answer? How do the properties of air influence weather? Questions Mathematics, ]

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