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Amistad movie analysis - confirm. happens

A group of Africans were in chains on the ship because they were sold into slavery in Cuba. A tribal leader, Cinque, lead the Africans to kill the Spanish crew and take control of the ship. The Africans wanted to sail back to Africa so the Spanish survivors volunteered to help them, but instead they planned to steer the shipeto the United States while no African was looking. When La Amistad reached the east coast of United States, the American Navy had stopped the ship to imprisoned 53 Africans as runaway slaves. None of the Africans could speak a word of English, they can only speak Mende. While the Africans goes to the court to battle for their freedom,. amistad movie analysis amistad movie analysis

The Wizard of Oz, a place full of conjuring excitement. A place that brings out the person you never thought you could be. Oz is about a young girl who gets caught in a tornado and swept away to a mystical place.

Analysis Of The Film ' La Amistad '

There she meets a lion, tin man, and scarecrow that helps her meet the wizard. He then will help each of them obtain their true hearts wish. On her journey she encounters many obstacles that make her stronger in the end. Frank Baum creator of this story gave two forms….]

amistad movie analysis

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