Analyze the costs of the revolutionary war -

Analyze the costs of the revolutionary war

Analyze the costs of the revolutionary war - consider, that

An attack Tuesday on the Iranian cargo ship said to serve as a floating base for its paramilitary Revolutionary Guard off Yemen has escalated a yearslong shadow war on Mideast waters, just as world powers negotiate over Tehran's tattered nuclear deal. The development comes just as world powers are negotiating over Tehran's tattered nuclear deal. The assault on the MV Saviz on Tuesday appears to have caused the most-extensive damage yet in this shadow war, seemingly between Iran and Israel — and one that could further escalate regional tensions. Attacks and counterattacks between the two nations could spin out of control. Since at least , there have been a series of mysterious attacks on vessels, typically with limpet mines attached by a special forces diver to a ship's hull. The attacks came at a time of mounting tensions between Iran and the United States over then-President Donald Trump's decision to unilaterally pull out of the atomic accord. The U. Video after one blast showed Revolutionary Guard troops removing an unexploded limpet mine from one targeted ship, something never fully explained by Tehran. Who planted the first explosive in this conflict remains unclear. analyze the costs of the revolutionary war

I am constantly being asked a analyze the costs of the revolutionary war defense number. To adapt intelligence to our new threat and fiscal environments, we must make radical and comprehensive changes in how we manage and conceptualize intelligence. The emerging threat, by contrast, is non-governmental, non-conventional, dynamic or random, non-linear, with no constraints or predictable doctrine, almost impossible to detect in advance, and supported by an unlimited 5 th column of criminals and drug addicts.

The multi-dimensional nature of change in our multi-polar world must also be considered as we evaluate how best to meet these threats. We must be prepared to identify regression and deception, e. Today there is insufficient emphasis on defining and meeting the intelligence needs of overt civilian agencies, law enforcement activities, and contingency military forces. This point has major fiscal implication well beyond those of concern to defense force structure managers. General A. If threat is a factor in determining national investments in security assistance and foreign aid, then a more aggressive program of Third World intelligence analysis and forecasting is needed if we are to justify long overdue and underfunding peaceful preventive measures in this vital area of concern and potential.

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Warriors pray for peace. General MacArthur made this point with unusual eloquence, and it remains true today. There are several contributing factors:. Firstly, we have never been comfortable with intangibles, and even less comfortable with abstract concepts and ideo-cultural meaning.

analyze the costs of the revolutionary war

It is far easier to count beans and compare things than it is to try to understand people, especially people whose entire psycho-social fabric is alien to our own. All other investments, for instance in the Recolutionary World, have generally revolutionady ad hoc responses to crises, and therefore poorly conceived, coordinated, and effected. Thirdly, our national skills lean to the technical and away from the human factor. Such a capability requires years to develop, and patience, here trait for which we are not noted. Lastly, we have paid insufficient attention to open sources OSINTand the development of an infrastructure for capturing and exploiting the vast outpouring of print and voice information about the Third World as well as more developed and technologically competitive nations such as West Germany, Japan, Singapore, and Brazil.

These facilitating conditions do not hold for the emerging threat. Their capabilities do not develop in a necessarily linear analyze the costs of the revolutionary war because they draw their weapons from all sources, including commercial enterprises, and their motivations are not well enough understood to permit any kind of reliable forecasting.

analyze the costs of the revolutionary war

Among the approaches that appear to offer some merit are those of cognitive mapping, social network theory, psycholinguistics, and good old-fashioned listening read article experienced diplomats, official representatives, business and academic personnel, and agents in place. Even more fundamental is the desperately needed commitment to realign existing and future intelligence resources toward basic analysis not necessarily costd outside the standard political and military spheres, and in the Third World. We must take initiatives, not simply defend ourselves. Failure in either area will cost billions over time and will hamper our ability to understand and correct our own vulnerabilities at home. Closely related to our severely deficient clandestine HUMINT capabilities and our lack of understanding of foreign entities is our virtually complete vulnerability to penetration by representatives of non-governmental groups posing a non-conventional threat to our national security.

analyze the costs of the revolutionary war

We must, quickly and comprehensively, begin addressing the threat posed by individuals seeking our technical secrets for economic warfare; by individuals suborned by criminal organizations, terrorist groups, and religious cults; and by individuals whose motivations we may never fathom, but whose reliability cannot be determined with any assurance by our present system of background investigation.

The system is so fragmented and inconsistent that even the most loyal individuals have difficulty taking it seriously.

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Although efforts have been made to address these issues, we simply cannot resolve the contradictions analyze the costs of the revolutionary war counterintelligence without an overarching strategy that includes personnel compensation and quality of life issues as well as a comprehensive approach to the manager and security administration of both electronic and hard-copy information across agency boundaries. We must carefully redefine both intellectual and physical properties that we wish to protect, with special reference to both technology and article source own national infrastructure water, power grids, lines of communication.

More to the point, information technology to take one example evolves so fast that whatever is stolen is out-dated within months, and off the market within 36 months. We are better off concentrating on staying ahead than on keeping the other folks behind. We must recast our domestic as well as our international security resources to better blend the efforts of those responsible for law enforcement, physical security, background investigations, offensive counter-intelligence, and operations.]

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