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A communist state , also known as a Marxist—Leninist state , is a one-party state that is administered and governed by a communist party guided by Marxism—Leninism. Communist states are typically administered through democratic centralism by a single centralised communist party apparatus. These parties are usually Marxist—Leninist or some national variation thereof such as Maoism or Titoism , with the official aim of achieving socialism and progressing toward a communist society. There have been several instances of communist states with functioning political participation processes involving several other non-party organisations such as direct democratic participation, factory committees and trade unions , although the communist party remained the centre of power. As a term, communist state is used by Western historians, political scientists and media to refer to these countries. However, these states do not describe themselves as communist nor do they claim to have achieved communism —they refer to themselves as socialist states that are in the process of constructing socialism. During the 20th century, the world's first constitutionally communist state was in Russia at the end of In , it joined other former territories of the empire to become the Soviet Union.

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Democratic countrie 5 days ago · How is idea of democracy practice in different countries - Social Science - Outcomes of Democracy. Kinds of democracy. Democracy may be direct or indirect. In a direct democracy, everyone has the right to make laws modern example of direct democracy is a referendum, which is the name for the kind of way to pass a law where everyone in the community votes on it. Direct democracies are not usually used to run countries, because it is hard to get millions of people to get together. 1 day ago · Democracy has grown in popularity as people in some countries see the advantages that other, democratic countries have. Establishing democracy, however, can be quite difficult.
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Democratic countrie

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democratic countrie

Madhumita Das answered this. Dear Student Please find below the answer to your asked query. The democracy which is practised worldwide is called representative democracy where people elect their own representatives and who in turn govern the country democratic countrie behalf of the people. But, the outcome of democracy is not the same in all countries. This is because the political rightsdemocratic countrie opportunities, education and social rights differ from country to country.

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In USA, UK, Germany and France, democracy is said to be more dsmocratic as they are capable of providing dignified life to the citizens. Even Denmark, Norway and Finland are considered to be as good democracies. But countries like Bangladesh is not democratic countrie as a democracy. Democracies in India, Brazil and South Click has produced mixed results on democracy.

democratic countrie

The outcome of democracy differ from country to country because the level of participation in democracy by the people are different and the way of influencing public policies also differ. This makes democracy different.

democratic countrie

Hope this information will clarify your doubts. If you have any more doubts, just ask here on the forum and our experts will try to help you out as soon as possible. Regards Madhumita. View Full Answer. Aakash EduTech Pvt.]

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