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Differences between catholicism and protestantism Video

13 MAJOR Differences Between PROTESTANTS vs CATHOLICS!!! differences between catholicism and protestantism

Religions have different divisions or sects.

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A long time ago, there was a reformation that resulted in Catholic and protestant Christians. These two branches of Christianity have very different ideologies and approaches.

differences between catholicism and protestantism

They have their origins in the same location. Disagreements and differences in views and beliefs among them have resulted in the formation of six mainstream groups. The difference between Roman Catholics and the protestant bible is that Roman Catholics are Christians that believe in the pope in Rome while the protestant bible is the bible followed by protestant Christians. The Roman Catholics believe in Jesus and that the saints have a connection with Jesus, and their prayers are heard first.

differences between catholicism and protestantism

Roman Catholics are often used to distinguish between Catholics who follow the Latin Church and its Roman rite from those who follow the Eastern Catholic Churches with various Eastern rites. Protestant Bibles are Christian Bibles that have been translated or dicferences by Protestants. For a total of 66 books, such Bibles include 39 Old Testament books according to the Hebrew Bible canonknown particularly to non-Protestants as the protocanonical books and 27 New Testament books. Roman Catholics believe that the pope, bishop of Rome, is the head, and they are under their jurisdiction. The differences between catholicism and protestantism of the Roman Catholics are baptismpenance, confirmation, anointing of the sick, holy order, and matrimony.

The Virgin Mary, along with other saints, are respected for their ideologies and are offered prayers by the Roman Catholics for them to connect with God on their behalf.

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This testimony, combined with the belief that if God does announce himself, he does so authoritatively i. It is the Bible for Protestants in which only Hebrew scriptures are accepted. The new testament consists of 66 books, while the new testament holds 27 books.

differences between catholicism and protestantism

The Protestant Bible generally left out the canonical ones that were deemed significant. Though they share many similarities, protestants have a different focused and, in certain ways, contradictory approach to Christianity.]

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