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The word cybersecurity brings to mind things such as; computers, the internet and hackers -for most people. These associations are, in fact, very apt and the high factor of concern over cybersecurity is perfectly warranted. Evidence of this is that industry predictions for cybersecurity are reflecting top trends that both casual and business internet users need to be aware of. The fact that hordes of cybercriminals are preying on everything from innocent internet users to the largest companies and even governments, is telling of the current cybersecurity dilemma worldwide. This is even more apparent now with a much larger active remote workforce. Due to these facts, one of the top concerns coming into the s that has carried over from the last decade is identity theft via phishing scams. The state of cybersecurity is a legitimate concern nowadays. examples of identity theft online. Examples of identity theft online

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Secret Ways A Hacker Will Steal Your Identity examples of identity theft online

Someone with the same full name who lived in my town had billed tens of thousands of dollars in medical expenses to me. The fraudster pulled this off partly because exwmples what is now considered an ancient trove of publicly available data. My full name, postal address and home telephone number were listed in the phone book — those printed, yellow-covered books that were delivered to your doorstep.

My identity thief was able to commit in-person fraud using his real photo ID most likely his driver's license. Fortunately, when a collection examples of identity theft online eventually contacted me about the medical bills, the matter was easily resolved. That's because my identity thief had not stolen my social security number SSN. What is synthetic identity fraud?

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These fake identities are either invented, assembled from various sources, or made by changing breached data. Fraudsters regularly collect, test, exploit and sell this type og PII on the dark web. Synthetic identities are most often used to open fraudulent accounts often to apply for credit and to make fraudulent purchases via a credit line.

examples of identity theft online

People also create them for slightly less nefarious, but still criminal, purposes. For example, people may create a synthetic identity so they can: Live or work in a country. File fake tax returns.

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Create an alternate credit history. This is often a service sold by disreputable credit repair businesses that create synthetic identities for their clients. The resulting easy access and anonymity fuels synthetic identity fraud. Reducing in-person interactions with customers is good for public health, for sure.

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More of this type of fraud is happening now than ever. Synthetic identities, real threats Fraud is far more prevalent with digital than with in-person customer interactions. The reason? In the digital world, you lose the ability to verify identities with photo IDs like driver's licenses and passports.

What is synthetic identity fraud?

For example, in the digital world, one criminal can generate a considerable number of counterfeit credit applications. This results in far more fake applications than they could possibly complete with in-person, paper applications. Synthetic examples of identity theft online generate real threats that negatively impact many businesses: According to Risk Based Security, criminals breached 15 billion records in alone. Research by the American Bankers Association shows that new bank account fraud loss rates in the digital channel are eight times that of accounts opened in the branch.

The digital binary: Enemy and ally The digital channel creates a lot of opportunities for synthetic identity theft. Digital channels create new tracking information, such as device fingerprint, IP address and geolocation.]

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