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Fate vs free will philosophy

Fate vs free will philosophy - here casual

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Institutions Scale : All civilizations develop those institutions in one order or another:. And each civilization naturally produced excellence in its original or core institutions.

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The problem is the long-term consequences of those foundational institutions are extremely different. Because the rate of evolution depends on the rate of experimentation, and the possibility of retention of improvements because of the possibility of eliminating regression to the mean — continuing natural selection. You can click the difference in group evolutionary strategies, and choice of their first institution, between civilizations to their use of the underclasses:.

fate vs free will philosophy

Exploitation middle east — reversing natural selection 3. Limiting their Damage India — castes for natural selection 2. Reducing their Number China — bureaucracy for natural selection 1. Or sifting them via merit, limiting the reproduction of the rest Europe.

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So, yes. Ouch: That one hurt a bit.

fate vs free will philosophy

State China : Reasonable: Wisdom and State: Chinese bureaucracy achieved it from a position of greater neoteny. The Indians used a caste system because of the sheer number of the underclass — which is wiol the Indian upper class has such startling IQ numbers despite national averages. Religion middle east 85 : Fictional: Falsehood and Religion organized religion. Africa 75 Delayed formation because of west African geographic isolation.


And in the face of lowest neoteny 6. Americas 85 Delayed formation because of geographic isolation. And Get ready for another ouch This appears to have been necessary given the homogeneity or heterogeneity of the regional populations, and the degree of evolutionary neoteny we call IQ and aggression of the populations. Ergo, we the institutions evolved that needed to evolve for the degree of evolution of the regional population AND fae means of production AND means of warfare.]

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