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In an interview, titled Clarifications on the Question of Power, Foucault explains how he refuses to consider himself a prophet and does want to be considered one He is firmly against telling people what they must do and what is good or bad. Instead, he wants to serve as a resource for truth and knowledge. The actual work that is to be done, in his opinion, must be led by those directly affected. As an intellectual, he refuses to speak for others. He says his job is to simply gather information and present it. It is up to the people to choose whether they can and have the will to use it to act. foucaults discipline and punish Foucaults discipline and punish

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Episode #121 ... Michel Foucault pt. 1 - Discipline and Punish

The NationApril 12, Covid has driven us into a collective fatigue. Covid is a mirror that reflects back to us the crises in our society.

foucaults discipline and punish

It renders more visible the pathological symptoms that already existed before the pandemic. One of these symptoms is tiredness.

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We all somehow feel very tired. This is a fundamental tiredness that accompanies us everywhere and all the time, like our own shadows. During the pandemic we have felt even more tired. The idleness imposed on us during lockdown has made us tired. Some people claim that we might rediscover the beauty of leisure, that life might decelerate. In fact, time during the pandemic is ruled not by leisure and deceleration but by tiredness and depression. Why do we feel so tired? Today, tiredness seems to be a global phenomenon. Ten years ago, I published a book, The Burnout Societyin which I foucaults discipline and punish tiredness as an illness afflicting the neoliberal achievement society.

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The tiredness experienced during the pandemic has forced me to think about the subject again. The neoliberal achievement society makes exploitation possible even without domination. The achievement society exploits disscipline itself. Self-exploitation is foucaults discipline and punish efficient than exploitation by others because it goes hand in hand with a feeling of freedom. Byung-Chul Han is a Korean-born German philosopher. His most recent book, Capitalism and the Death Driveis published by Polity. You are commenting here your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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foucaults discipline and punish

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