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Addington, U. This is a civil forfeiture action arising from two successive traffic stops that occurred on a. The Court held an evidentiary hearing oii December 15 and 16,during which the Court viewed the video of both traffic stops and heard deposition testimony from'the officer 'who effectuated the first gasho meaning, and live testimony from the officer who effectuated the second stop. After the hearing, Gorman gasho meaning supplemental briefing. United States, recognizing that Rodriguez could impact the law underlying this case.

gasho meaning

The Supreme Court decided Rodriguez on April 21, The parties filed responsive memoranda on May 5 and 6, Doc. Facts and Procedural History. On January 23,at approximately a.


Monroe Depo. Gorman responded that he was driving in the left lane to avoid being stuck behind slow moving trucks in the right lane, and that he planned to move back meaninf the right lane as soon as possible. Gorman told Monroe that his girlfriend lived in downtown Sacramento, but was not able to produce her exact address, noting that it was entered into his GPS system.

Additionally, Gorman told Monroe that he worked for a Maui beach activities and gasho meaning board company, which Monroe also thought sounded rehearsed.

gasho meaning

After questioning Gorman, Monroe returned to his vehicle and requested a canine unit at approximately a. At a. At approximately a. Immediately afterward, Monroe asked Gorman if he could ask some additional questions.

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At this point. Fisher Depo. Monroe also called Fisher directly to relay his suspicions about Gorman and that Gorman was driving westbound on I from Wells, Nevada.]

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