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To Kill a Mockingbird - Chapter 9 Summary \u0026 Analysis - Harper Lee grendel chapter 9 summary

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This group of Christians sees the terrorist in the light that they are their neighbor, and they are to treat them how they would want to be treated.

grendel chapter 9 summary

I tend to disagree with their perspective on various grounds which are ethical and also founded on the Bible. First, the civil governments are ordained by God and charged them with looking after the subjects in all fairness.

grendel chapter 9 summary

Meaning no one citizen or group of citizens should be given the free hand to torture and harm other citizens according to Romans These governments need to punish the people who torture others and protect the vulnerable in the society. Secondly, Jesus in various occasions healed those who were tormented physically by sicknesses and evil spirits.

grendel chapter 9 summary

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