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Philosophy is a beautiful art here searching for the meaning of life and understanding various elements related to human existence, purpose, and sometimes the universe itself. The term immanuel kant major works was coined by Pythagoras in c. These philosophers are behind a number of profound ideas and beliefs that cleared ways to rational thinking. The influence of these philosophers is still present in many belief systems, practices, and even normal assumptions.

These philosophers challenged deep-rooted political systems and scientific beliefs and played a pivotal role in giving shape to the world. Their study on human existence, belief system, insight, reasons, values, logic, language, mind, and language is guiding various immajuel going on in scholarly fields even today.

immanuel kant major works

Find the list of most popular and influential non-Indian philosophers here. Note: Indian Philosophers are not added to this list. We have separate list for them. Click to Read about Best Indian Philosophers. An enigmatic figure, he authored no texts, and is known chiefly through the accounts of classical writers composing after his lifetime, particularly his students Plato and Xenophon.

Other sources include the contemporaneous Antisthenes, Aristippus, and Aeschines of Sphettos. It is this Platonic Socrates immanuel kant major works lends his name to the concepts of Socratic irony and the Socratic method, or elenchus. Socrates exerted a strong influence on philosophers in later antiquity and in the modern era. Depictions of Socrates in art, literature and popular culture have made immanuel kant major works one of the most widely known figures in the Western philosophical tradition.

He is widely considered the pivotal figure in the history of Ancient Greek and Western philosophy, along with his teacher, Socrates, and his most famous student, Aristotle.

immanuel kant major works

Plato has also often been cited as one of the founders of Western religion and spirituality. The so-called Neoplatonism of philosophers like Plotinus and Porphyry greatly influenced Christianity through Church Fathers such as Augustine. Plato is also considered the founder of Western political philosophy. His most famous contribution is the theory of Forms known by pure reason, in which Plato presents a solution to the problem of universals known as Platonism also immanuel kant major works either Platonic realism or Platonic idealism.

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He is also the namesake of Platonic love and the Platonic solids. Although their popularity has fluctuated over the years, the works of Plato have never been without readers since the time they were written. In it, he developed his theory of experience to answer the question of whether synthetic a priori knowledge is possible, which would in turn make it possible to determine the limits of wokrs inquiry. Kant drew a parallel to the Copernican revolution in his proposal that the objects of the senses must conform to our spatial and temporal qorks of intuition, and that we can consequently have a priori cognition click here the objects of the senses.

Kant believed that reason is also the source of morality, and that aesthetics arise from a faculty of disinterested judgment. He attempted to explain the relationship between reason immanuel kant major works human experience and to move beyond what he believed to be the failures of traditional philosophy and metaphysics.

How Did Immanuel Kant Contribute To The Shaping Of The International System And The United Nations

He wanted to put an end simultaneity paradigm what he saw as an era of futile and speculative theories of human experience, while resisting the skepticism of thinkers such as Hume. He regarded himself as showing the way past the impasse between rationalists and empiricists, and is widely held to have synthesized both traditions in his thought. Kant was an exponent of the idea that perpetual peace could be secured through universal democracy and international cooperation, and that perhaps this could be the culminating stage of world history. Kant published other important works on ethics, work, law, aesthetics, astronomy, and history during his lifetime.]

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