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Margaret Higgins Sanger born Margaret Louise HigginsSeptember 14, — September 6,also known as Margaret Sanger Slee was an American birth control activist, sex educatorwriter, and nurse. Sanger popularized the term "birth control", opened the first birth control clinic in the United States, and established organizations that evolved into the Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Sanger used her writings and speeches primarily to promote her way of thinking. She was prosecuted for her book Family Limitation under the Comstock Act in She was afraid of what would happen, so she fled to Lady in black quotes until she knew it was safe to return to the US.

However, Sanger drew a sharp distinction between birth control and abortion and was opposed to abortion throughout the bulk of her professional career, declining to participate in them as a balck.

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InLady in black quotes opened the first birth control clinic in the United States, which led to her arrest for distributing information on contraceptionafter an undercover policewoman bought a copy of her pamphlet on family planning.

Sanger felt that in order for women to have a more equal footing in society and to lead healthier lives, they needed to be able to determine when to bear children. She also wanted to prevent so-called back-alley abortions[9] which were common at the time because abortions were illegal in the United States. In New York City, she organized the first birth control clinic to be staffed by all-female doctors, as well as a clinic in Harlem which had an all African-American advisory council, [13] click African-American staff were later added.

lady in black quotes

She died in and is widely regarded as a founder of the modern birth control movement. Michael had immigrated to the United States aged 14, lady in black quotes the Army in the Civil War as a drummer aged Upon leaving the army, he studied medicine and phrenology but ultimately became a stonecutter, chiseling-out angels, saints, and tombstones. Anne accompanied her family to Canada during the Great Famine. She married Michael in Sanger was the sixth of 11 surviving children, [19] spending her early years in click here bustling household. Inshe married architect William Sangergiving up her education. Anti-war and civil rights movements.

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Inafter a fire destroyed their home in Hastings-on-Hudsonthe Sangers abandoned the suburbs for a new life in New York City. Margaret Sanger worked as a visiting nurse in the slums of the East Sidewhile her husband worked as an architect and a house painter. The couple became active in local socialist politics. She joined the Women's Committee of the New York Socialist party, took part in the labor actions lady in black quotes the Industrial Workers of the World including lady in black quotes notable Lawrence textile strike and the Paterson silk strike and became involved with local intellectuals, left-wing artists, socialists and social activists, including John ReedUpton SinclairMabel Dodge and Emma Goldman.

Sanger's political interests, her emerging feminism and her nursing experience all led her to write two series of columns on quote education which were titled "What Every Mother Should Know" —12 and "What Every Girl Should Know" —13 for the socialist magazine New York Call. By the standards of the day, Sanger's uqotes were extremely frank in their discussion of sexuality, and many New York Call readers were outraged by them.

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Other readers, however, praised the series for its candor. One stated that the series contained "a purer morality than whole libraries full of hypocritical cant about modesty". During her work among working-class immigrant women, Sanger met women who underwent frequent childbirth, miscarriages and self-induced abortions for lack of information on how to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

Access to contraceptive information was prohibited on grounds of obscenity by the federal Comstock law and a host of state laws.

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Seeking to help these women, Sanger visited public libraries, but was unable to find information on contraception. Afterward, Sadie begged the attending doctor to tell her how she could prevent this from quores again, to which the doctor simply advised her to remain abstinent. His exact words and actions, apparently, were to laugh and say "You want your cake while you eat it too, do you?

lady in black quotes

Well it can't be done. I'll tell you the only sure thing to do Tell Jake to sleep on the roof. She had attempted yet another self-induced abortion. There is the strong possibility Sanger might have deliberately fabricated the whole story as a propaganda technique.]

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