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It provided the focus of political debate and revolutionary law-making between the periods of the National Constituent Assembly and of the National Convention. The National Constituent Assembly dissolved itself on 30 September Upon Maximilien Robespierre 's motion , it had decreed that none of its members would be eligible to the next legislature. Its successor body, the Legislative Assembly, operating over the liberal French Constitution of , lasted until 20 September when the National Convention was established after the insurrection of 10 August just the month before. The Legislative Assembly entrenched the perceived left—right political spectrum that is still commonly used today. There were members. The elections of , held by census suffrage , brought in a legislature that desired to carry the Revolution further. Prominent in the legislature were the Jacobin Club and its affiliated societies throughout France. The Legislative Assembly first met on 1 October legislative assembly french revolution.

Legislative assembly french revolution - answer, matchless

. Legislative assembly french revolution

Louis XVI in Jacques Neckerminister of finance Storming of the Bastille July 14, Parade of the heads of the governor of the Bastille and the Provost of Paris merchants July 14, legislative assembly french revolution Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen. The king is forced to wear a Phrygian cap and drink a toast to the Nation June 20, Massacre of prisoners in Paris prisons September 2—7, French victory over the Prussians at the Battle of Valmy September 29, Louis de Saint-Just.

Stage of the Festival of the Supreme Being June 8, Revolutio victory at the Battle of Fleurus June 26, Two Muscadins in Paris Paul Barras in the ceremonial dress of a French Director. Failed uprising at the Grenelle military camp by Montagnards and followers of Babeuf 9 September General Bonaparte leads his soldiers across a bridge at the Battle of Arcole November 15—17, General Bonaparte by David Legislative assembly french revolution defeats Austrians at the Battle of Rivoli January 14, Arrest of General Pichegru and other royalist leaders of the legislature by the army at the Tuileries Palace.

legislative assembly french revolution

General Pichegruleader of the royalist party. General Bonaparte at the Battle of the Pyramids July 21, General Bonaparte visits a plague hospital in Jaffa March 31, Antoine-Jean GrosLouvre Museum.

General Jourdanleader of the Jacobins in the army. Bonaparte promptly leaves his army in Egypt and sails for France.

legislative assembly french revolution

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Cartoon showing the Third Estate carrying the weight of the clergy and the nobility Camille Desmoulins. Jean-Paul Marat. The King and his family are recognized and arrested at Varennes June 21, Georges Danton. Maximilien Robespierre.

legislative assembly french revolution

Lazare Carnot. Bonaparte confronts the deputies of the Council of Five Hundred November 10, The Old Regime and the Haitian Revolution. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, Retrieved October 16, The multitude were quite satisfied with this condescension.]

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