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long term effects of the holocaust. Long term effects of the holocaust

Long term effects of the holocaust - absolutely not

The damaging effects of life under Nazi rule have long been known with many victims having experienced periods of protracted emotional and physical torture, malnutrition and mass exposure to disease. But recent research from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem show that even for those who survived, their health and mortality continued to be directly impacted long after the end of the Holocaust. The study, led by Dr. Iaroslav Youssim and Dr. Hagit Hochner from the School of Public Health at the Faculty of Medicine and published in the American Journal of Epidemiology , investigated mortality rates from specific diseases over the course of many years among Israel-based Holocaust survivors. The researchers analyzed death records of approximately 22, people who were followed-up from to and compared the rates of mortality from cancer and heart disease among survivors to the rates in individuals who did not live under Nazi occupation. Youssim explains. Skip to main content.

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Joshimar Henry left with wife Griselda Heather Morales right. Image originally from Facebook. We have brought to the public personal stories of dozens of these deaths that have occurred shortly after receiving the injections. Now, for the first time that we have been aware of, a death more than 3 months past the second injection has occurred with a young year-old doctor from Chicago, raising very serious concerns about the lack of long-term studies in any of these mRNA experimental injections.

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If this death had occurred among someone who was elderly and frail, http://rectoria.unal.edu.co/uploads/tx_felogin/why-do-cosmetic-for-our-business-which/james-lang-theory-of-emotion.php with co-morbidity conditions, it would be difficult to suspect the death was related to the injection in any way. However, when it occurs in an otherwise healthy year-old doctor who was athletically active right up until the day before he died, then it would be foolish holicaust to consider the very strong possibility that his death was related to the injections, especially since no long-term studies have been conducted on any of these current COVID shots. The tragic story of Dr. Henry received his second shot on January 6. Details are scant from that point. But judging from his Facebook timeline, life was fine.

long term effects of the holocaust

He was a big-time soccer fan and involved with social justice issues. He was dead on April 3. Henry was married to Griselda Heather Morales, and her father also reported his death on Facebook.

long term effects of the holocaust

It is very rare for someone healthy and athletically active under the age of 30 to just suddenly drop dead. Henry was originally from the east Caribbean island of Saint Lucia.

long term effects of the holocaust

His father was Joachim Henry, a Saint Lucia politician. Heather Morales, also a doctor, was his wife.

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Maybe 1 in 50, sudden cardiac deaths per year are people under age 35, according to the Mayo Clinic. Strokes, another sudden cause of death, are extremely rare for people under 40, let alone Mortality rates positively correlate with body mass. Henry was not obese or overweight. The young man was trucking along fine, living what appears to be a good life. The one indisputable fact is that he received two experimental mRNA shots three months prior to his death. It appears there are none, only risks of injury and death, and Dr. Another Jewish Holocaust?]

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