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male reproductive system video Male reproductive system video

Male reproductive system video Video

Reproductive System, Part 2 - Male Reproductive System: Crash Course A\u0026P 41

Our Discord hit 10K members! Join Here! As described in this video, a vasectomy is a procedure in which a small section of the ductus vas deferens is removed from the scrotum. This interrupts the path taken by sperm through the ductus deferens.

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If sperm do not exit through the vas, either because the man has had a vasectomy or has not ejaculated, in what region of the testis do they remain? Where are sperm deposited after they leave the ejaculatory duct? What specialized structures help guide the oocyte from the ovary into the uterine male reproductive system video The cilia in the uterine tube promote movement of the oocyte. What would likely occur if the cilia were male reproductive system video at the time of ovulation? A baby's gender is determined at conception, and the different genitalia of male and female fetuses develop from the same tissues in the embryo. Where are the testes located for most of gestational time? Which hypothalamic hormone contributes to vdeo regulation of the male reproductive system? What is the function of the epididymis? When do the oogonia undergo mitosis? From what structure does the corpus luteum originate?


Where does fertilization of the egg by the sperm typically occur? Why do estrogen levels fall after menopause? The ovaries degrade. There are no follicles left to produce estrogen. The pituitary secretes a menopause-specific hormone. The cells of the endometrium degenerate.

male reproductive system video

What controls whether an embryo will develop testes or ovaries? Y chromosome d. The timing of puberty can be influenced by which of the following?

male reproductive system video

What special features are evident in sperm cells but not in somatic cells, and how do these specializations function? While anabolic steroids synthetic testosterone bulk up muscles, they can also affect testosterone production in the testis. Using what you know about negative feedback, describe what would happen to testosterone production in the testis if a male takes large amounts of synthetic testosterone. Follow the path of ejaculated sperm from the vagina to the oocyte. Include all structures reproductife the female reproductive tract that the sperm must swim through to reach the egg. male reproductive system video

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Endometriosis is a disorder in which endometrial cells implant and proliferate outside of the uterus-in the uterine tubes, on the ovaries, or even in the pelvic cavity. Offer a theory as to why endometriosis increases a woman's risk of infertility. Identify the changes in sensitivity that occur in the hypothalamus, pituitary, and gonads as a boy or girl approaches puberty. Explain how these changes lead to the increases of sex steroid hormone click that drive many pubertal changes.

Explain how the internal female male reproductive system video reproducgive reproductive structures develop from two different duct systems. Explain what would occur during fetal development to an XY individual with a mutation causing a nonfunctional SRY gene.

Chapter 27

Chapter 27 The Reproductive System. Chapter Questions. Problem 5 A baby's gender is determined at conception, and the different genitalia of male and female fetuses develop from the same tissues in the embryo.]

male reproductive system video

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