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Objectives European expansion during the early modern era went hand in hand with the development of absolute monarchies. The establishment of empires demonstrated the political and symbolic power of the new absolute monarchs. Mercantilism arose as a new economic system to manage the developing empires. Discussing the creation of early modern empires prepares students to study imperialism in the nineteenth century, as well as examine the origins of the global impact of European culture. The objectives of this lesson are: To understand the social and political consequences of European expansion upon indigenous populations during the early modern period. To understand the development of a new economic system—mercantilism—and its impact upon the European and worldwide economy. To understand the cultural and political importance of establishing an empire for European monarchs. mercantilism video Mercantilism video mercantilism video

Gender: Male The more I keep rewatching this video, the more I'm convinced Poland is in for a massive rework as well. I was skeptical at first about whether or not they'd modify the stand-alone DLC civs, but Khmer answered that question and also became better than Poland in every way. Poland gets double adjacency from mercantilism video woo hoo?

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Ridiculously good. Plus, faith from population is just such a huge thing, considering Khmer will always have mefcantilism cities. I just feel like getting a religious victory with Poland is too much work, considering how easy mercantilism video is now for the others. I'm thinking either Poland gets a ton of bonuses for relics or goes in an entirely different direction with the UB, UU, and Civ Ability.

mercantilism video

I kinda feel like it would be easier to just make relics super powerful now as otherwise the entire civ would probably need a serious reworkmercantilism video I would really appreciate mercantilism video more emphasis was placed on production and gold. The UB should honestly just be a UD buildings are by far the worst, especially when not discounted, like Poland'sand I would think the best thing would be to give them some mercantiilism towards pastures, like Civ V Russia.

mercantilism video

When you really look at their bonuses, they're all 'decent', but they're an absolute mess together. Love playing them, but it could be a lot better.]

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