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Approved by Council, July 30, By the Child Maltreatment and Violence Committee Management of children's behavioral problems presents a significant challenge for many families and is often the basis for referral to a child psychiatrist for consultation. The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry does not support the use of corporal punishment as a method of behavior modification. Corporal punishment includes a wide variety of discipline methods that employ pain as a negative reinforcement to modify behavior. Although a majority of parents report using corporal punishment as a behavior modification technique, most would rather use other means for behavioral management and discipline. Extensive research demonstrates that although corporal punishment may have a high rate of immediate behavior modification, it is ineffective over time, and is associated with increased aggression and decreased moral internalization of appropriate behavior. Additional negative outcomes associated with corporal punishment are: Increased risk for physical abuse Learning that aggression is an acceptable method of problem solving Experiencing physical and emotional pain, which decreases learning capacity Being less likely to learn why a certain behavior or action was wrong Behaving out of fear in the future When assessing and treating children and families, child and adolescent psychiatrists should provide information to families about the hazards associated with corporal punishment and encourage and assist parents to modify their child's behavior by other methods. To this end, child psychiatrists should know and discuss effective and evidence based methods of behavior management with families. Components common in evidence based parenting programs include appropriate limit setting and use of praise to increase positive behaviors, decreasing hostile or coercive family interactions and enhanced family problem solving. These techniques, based on social, cognitive-behavioral and developmental learning theories tend to improve the parent-child relationship and decrease the need or utility of corporal punishment.

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Negative effects of corporal punishment

Negative effects of corporal punishment Video

Psychologist says corporal punishment harmful long-term negative effects of corporal punishment

The effects of corporal punishment on child development cannot be overemphasized. Martha was spanked seriously by her mom when she found out that Martha kept going to the neighbour's house to ask for food.

negative effects of corporal punishment

So she taught her a hard lesson. He hated going back home from school. His dad was always finding a reason to flog him.

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He went back home about 20 minutes later than usual. He got the beating of his life that day, and his mom also refused to give him food. He slept hungry that night. These are two very different scenarios. But these are both forms of abuse, no matter the intention of the parents. But No! This narrative is wrong and clearly misunderstood.

Why do parents adopt corporal punishment?

The effects of corporal punishment on child development are worse than you thought. Why do parents adopt corporal punishment? How wrong! To think that inflicting physical injuries on a child would change puniishment. Most times, family and friends are the ones that encourage corporal punishment. They see any adverse behavior and think you should nip it in the bud by flogging, of course. Sometimes we can be so caught up with trying to make our kids fear and respect us that we forget we should be their best friends.

Essay uses of corporal punishment

To instill fear Fear is punisment a factor when it comes to grooming children. Sometimes the parents are afraid of raising spoiled children, and so they think to check every abhorrent behavior with violence. Sometimes violence in Nigerian homes is called tough love. Religion Some religious folks would want to train up a child in the way he should go, which is very proper, except that training a child does mean flogging that child to a pulp.

negative effects of corporal punishment

It means gentle corrections, leadership by example, soft punishments, house arrest, seizing gadgets and games just to drive the lesson home. Effects of corporal punishment on child development These are many negative impacts: Corporal punishment could breed contempt. Not knowing how to channel those energies first point could cause children to become anti-social. It develops poor self-esteem. They learn to fear punishment, rather than try to negative effects of corporal punishment why they should follow rules. Negative effects of corporal punishment leaves psychological marks, leading to mental illnesses such as depression, bulimia, personality disorders and intellectual disabilities Corporal punishment may cause childhood anxiety could extend into adulthood.

Children tend to mirror your actions and this could translate to exhibiting such behaviour elsewhere, such as to their friends see next point. Aggression and violence to others. Difficulty in learning self-control or appropriate behaviour when they internalise that there are no rules and things can be settled from being physical. The tendency to lash out physically in a heat of punisjment is pinishment common but know that smacking your child is never an effective method of disciplining them, no matter the circumstances.]

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