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In the modern world, full of advancement in technology, designers and software developers are coming up with different platforms turning the whole world into a village. Different social media platforms and digital devices have been adapted to make communication from one place to the next easy. For example, different social media platforms such as youtube, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, Instagram, and Pinterest have been developed where daily news and updates are sent. Besides, with the development of the printing press, journals, magazines, and newspapers are used for transferring information globally within a short period of time. The use of visuals has also made television to be one of the major channels of communication in the current globe. Therefore, choosing a media of communication by the audience is based on the intended purposes, gender, and age. But for those advertising or passing the message, there are different factors that should be considered before a decision on the channel of communication. Some of the factors include gross rating point GRP , cost of passing the message, targeted audience, frequency, cost per mile, and the rate of viewing the information posted. Most advertisers have been confirmed to consider the frequency, gross rating point, cost, and targeted audience as the major determinants of communication channels. For example, while advertising new products in the market, such as khaki, the organization will prefer the use of Instagram or youtube since the product mainly targets the youths. negative influence of media

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Positive And Negative Effects Of Media On Society

What did our life look like before social media? Before Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat? Social media has become the trademark of our culture in the 21st century.

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It gives us access to more information than in all of history right at our fingertips. We receive more information in a week than an English scholar did in the 17th century during his whole lifetime. On one hand, social media has opened many doors by connecting us with people from around the world. On the other hand it subtly steals away our time through countless hours a day. We are constantly looking at our screens negative influence of media new notifications, likes and just scrolling away at an endless newsfeed.

Media’s Negative Influence

We as a culture are addicted to social media. Experts say it can become dangerous for our physical and mental health. Further, meeia are influenced to like photos, regardless of content, based on high numbers of likes. Looking at perfect pictures on social media has more influence on the mind than we realize. It can influence our body image, and how we view ourselves and others. Social media influences people to have this constant drive towards perfectionism.

negative influence of media

Comparing nrgative has a big impact on your self-esteem. It will cause you negative influence of media view yourself less than. Shifting our focus to our life and what really matters can help us become more content and less anxious. Connecting with people in person has apple unethical to improve your health. This digital age creates a disembodiment issue where you can be physically present but emotionally you are not. You are living in the digital world that is your iPhone. You are everywhere and know about everyone at the same time. We can become so invested in our friends on social media.

negative influence of media

We may sometimes forget to look up from our screens and notice those that are closest to us. Social media can affect your sleep which is essential for your health. We need sleep for our body and brain to recover in order to negative influence of media rested for the next day. When we sleep the brain does a lot of work to help us feel good and maintain focus on our work the next day. We want to give our brains as much time as possible to do this work. We nonetheless, feel pressured to open up Facebook or Instagram time and again, even against our better judgment telling us to stay away. The reason?

Media's Effect on Negative Body Image Essay

The digital age with the highest advancements in social media also has the highest rate of depression and anxiety especially in young people. Looking at images that cause you to have a negative outlook on yourself can make you feel sad and anxious.

negative influence of media

Your mood can change from being content to being unsatisfied, lonely or depressed. Learning to become self aware with your emotions and instead focus on what we can be grateful for.]

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