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Nightingale theory 4 days ago · NIGHTINGALE’S NURSING THEORY 2 Nightingale’s Nursing Theory The Environmental nursing theory is one of the first nursing theories formulated by Florence nightingale in the s. The theory focuses on the environment and explains how each feature of the environment affects nursing care and the crucial maintenance and restoration of patient health (Alligood, ). Apr 09,  · Her environmental theory highlighted the importance of cleanliness, ventilation, limited noise, uninterrupted sleep, proper nutrition, and sunlight in promoting recovery of the sick (Hegge, ; Nightingale, ). 2 days ago · Florence Nightingale Theory Uncategorized Case Study: Florence Nightingale Theory CASE STUDY You are caring for an year-old woman who has been hospitalized for several weeks for burns that she sustained on her lower legs during a cooking accident.
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Before the time of her admission, she lived alone in a small apartment. The patient reported on admission that she has no surviving family.

nightingale theory

Her support system appears to be other elders who live in her neighborhood. Because of transportation difficulties, most of them are unable to visit frequently. As you care for this woman, she begs you to let her friend bring her dog nightingale theory the hospital.

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She says that none of the other nurses have nightingale theory to her about such a visit. As she asks you about this, she begins to cry and tells you that they have never been separated. They said that she has been eating very little and seems to be depressed. Identify members of the discharge team and their roles in this process.

nightingale theory

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