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Natus EEG Webinar: Basics of Long-Term Video-EEG Monitoring: The Epilepsy Monitoring Unit (EMU) psuedoseizure

This is your chance. Gomerblog scientists have been hard at work to find the precise organ YOU are! Take the quiz below. Then share your answer with psuedoseizure friends.

Have you ever wondered what organ you are?

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Have you ever wondered what organ you are? Be sure to share psuedoseizure results! What Dog Are You? Which movie do you like the best?


What is your favorite sport? How would you respond to a slow driver driving in the passing lane?

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I am the slow driver. Pick A Color. What is your favorite medical device?


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What Organ Are You? Share your results Facebook. Gomerblog's Finest. Lord Lockwell - October 27, 0. December 20, February 2, Follow us on Instagram gomerblog. GomerBlog is the Earth's leading medical "news" site. Our job is psuedoseizure make you laugh so that you can take better care of your psuedoseizure

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