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Race \u0026 Privilege: A Social Experiment - Regardless Of Race - CNA Insider race and social class essay

Following are some broad categories to consider as part of your social identity: Race or ethnicity. Religion, spirituality, or personal belief system.

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Ability or disability. Sex or gender roles. Sexual orientation. Social class.

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Physical attributes. Complete the My Social Identity Questionnaire and ask a person from a different cultural background to take the questionnaire. After considering the responses carefully, write a short analysis 2—3 pages of content plus title, abstract, and reference pages organized as follows: Title page. Description of how your responses to the social identity questionnaire were similar and different.

Possible explanations for these similarities and differences. Summary and Conclusion. Additional Requirements Include at least 2 scholarly resources. Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.

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My Social Identity Questionnaire Think about the various aspects of your social identity and how these have contributed to the person you are today. Also,consider how your life may have been different if your profile were different another race or ethnicity, sex, social class, and so on. Race or Ethnicity. Religion, Spirituality, or Personal Belief System. Ability or Disability. Sex or Gender Roles.

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Sexual Orientation. Social Class. Physical Attributes. Questions 1.]

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