Reasons people join gangs -

Reasons people join gangs - consider

Create an Account - Increase your productivity, customize your experience, and engage in information you care about. Many youth are introduced to the gang culture at a very young age. Membership and loyalty to the neighborhood gang becomes a matter of family and honor. In the s the Department of Education asked teachers to list the discipline problems in public schools:. Skip to Main Content. Vax Pip! Sign In. Reasons Kids Join Gangs Discover why kids join gangs. Discouraging Children From Joining Gangs. Effects of Gang Involvement. reasons people join gangs Reasons people join gangs

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Why I joined a gang - Extended Interview reasons people join gangs

In this episode, Coach Ipul tells a story in the past. To tell a story in the past we often use the past simple to describe actions and the past continuous to describe what is happening in the background or longer actions.

reasons people join gangs

For example:. Do you know how to create the past continuous?

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Is it the past continuous? Language - Past Continuous During the story, Coach Ipul describes one action that was happening when another action happened. We often use the past simple to describe the short action that interrupts a longer action, which is where we use the past continuous. Activity 3: In this activity, think about how we use the past continuous and the past simple. Can you put the words in the right order?

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Reorder the sentences. Log in to leave a comment. Yes, because gangs are not good. Young people get impressed about what gangs' members show, and gangs know that guys who had not received good advice can join them.

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Sports will help them be fit, prevent them from devoting a lot of time to other inaccurate activities among others. He made the right decision on time.

reasons people join gangs

Many times it hapenned that young people were involved in the business of the gangs only because they had to find money to survive or to help the ill member of the family. Sport can really ganga the solution. I mean, when you play some sport you realise that it is not only for your health but is of a social importance too.]

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