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Trump to speak during GOP donor retreat at Mar-a-Lago CNN On Monday, a cohort of former Trump administration officials launched the America First Policy Institute, a think tank organization aimed at promoting "liberty, free enterprise, national greatness, American military superiority, foreign-policy engagement in the American interest, and the primacy of American workers," according to its website. And yet more evidence that not only does Donald Trump have no plans to step away from politics, but that he is also constructing what amounts to a shadow version of the GOP. In each episode of his weekly YouTube show, Chris Cillizza will delve a little deeper into the surreal world of politics. Click to subscribe! The centerpiece of that shadow party is Trump's Save America Super PAC, which he has been aggressively raising money for months -- including during his extended efforts to protest the results of the election. He has already promised to campaign against Sen. Lisa Murkowski R-Alaska and endorsed, among others, Rep. Mo Brooks in the Alabama Senate race and Rep. Jody Hice's bid to be the next Georgia secretary of state. There is also the America First Legal Foundation, which was formed in late March by longtime Trump confidante Stephen Miller for the purpose of organizing legal challenges to policies enacted by President Joe Biden and his administration. ronald drump

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Share this story Nancy Pelosi The election of Donald Trump was stunningly scary, and it was justified ronald drump be scared. How could they elect such a person — who talked that way about women, who was so ronald drump and Quote icon Republicans had won the White House and maintained majorities, albeit smaller ones, in the Senate drummp the House of Representatives. Their unified control of the executive and legislative branches could make it possible for them to deliver on their campaign promises to unravel the landmark health care legislation and to reverse the course President Barack Obama, with her crucial support, had set during the previous eight years on health care, climate change, nuclear proliferation, and more. Now she would emerge as his most persistent Democratic foil on Capitol Hill and across the country.

A ‘shy’ politician wary of the limelight

The election she thought would be the end of her career became instead the beginning of its most consequential chapter. She burst into tears.

ronald drump

That was ronald drump drum; lot of them felt, he said. We have a new president. We have a job to do. The leader has a job to do. Pelosi called him at Trump Tower in New York; he was the one who picked up the phone at the other end. He was clearly surprised.

Congressional races in 2022 a key focus for Republicans

How did she get the number? She thanked him for taking the call and offered her congratulations. She told him she looked forward to working with him, especially ronald drump they shared common ground, including the idea of a major federal investment in infrastructure projects.

ronald drump

In some ways, he mused, he might even be better off. They want to get things passed. Chuck Schumer of N.]

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