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It is among the most common sewing machine issues faced by a newbie to the sewing or an expert seamstress alike. You may observe multiple skipped stitches or a single skipped stitch between the normally sewn stitches. While other machine issues are usually fixed by rethreading the machine, this annoying issue needs different treatment. You should not ignore when your sewing machine stitches as it compromises the integrity and weakens your sewing strength. It may require you to remove the complete sewing line and re-sew it again. It may be slightly bent, it may have a nick in it, or it may have a dull point from use.

Few Common Causes of Skipped Stitches and How to Fix them Effectively

These issues are not visible to you, but you can fix them by replacing the needle. The needle of your sewing machine is easily replaceable and readily available at low costs. Replace the needle of your sewing machine and see if the issue is resolved. Incorrect Needle Selecting the incorrect needle for sewing may result in the skipped sewing machine stitches. Ths are different sizes of needles available in the market. These needles also differ in their levels of sharpness.

You need to choose a sewing machine needle that is perfectly suitable for sewing a specific fabric.

skipping stitches may be the result of using

If you intend to sew leather, then choose a leather sewing machine needle. Similarly, use a ballpoint or stretch needle for sewing knit fabric and a sharp needle for woven sewing fabrics. You should educate yourself about the sewing machine needles and do proper research while choosing the best needle for your sewing project.

skipping stitches may be the result of using

It not only improves the quality of your sewing project but also increases the longevity of your sewing machine. Needle Hitting a Pin If you are sewing go here pins, then the needle may hit the pin and result in a ksing of skipped stitches. You should adjust your fabric in such a way as to avoid the contact of the needle with a pin.

Also, ensure to replace the needle if it appears broken. To fix this issue, loosen the screw and reposition the needle as required. Thread Issues Poor Quality Thread If you are using a poor quality thread, then it may cause skipped stitches.

Ensure that your chosen thread has been wounded perfectly with consistent colour. It should have reduced fuzz, and it should be free from any damaged spots. This provides more strength to thread and ensures it does not break or tangle unnecessarily during sewing. The Machine Is Incorrectly Threaded If your machine is not correctly threaded, it may also uding in skipped stitches. You can fix it by rethreading your sewing machine. Ensure to lift the presser foot each time you thread the needle. Needle and Thread Are Not Matching Always use the correct needle size that perfectly read more the thread for sewing your fabric. This ensures that you get the best sewing results. Machine Issues High Tension on the Sewing Machine If your sewing machine has high tension, then it may result in skipped stitches.


Also, ensure to adjust the tension on your bobbin case. Go through your sewing machine manual for the instructions regarding how to adjust and keep the perfect tension on your sewing machine. A Too-Tight Grip on the Fabric If uing are moving the machine at great speed or pulling the fabric tightly, your machine may skip stitches.]

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