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Sleeping beauty book original

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I was born in a familly where a sense of curiosity for the world and it's diverse cultures was commonsense, several of my near ones beeing involved in fine arts or music. As I was the last born of the familly, I was fortunate to travel with brothers, sisters and parents, to hike in the mountains or to search for tiny insects into mossy forest tree stumps. These sojourns into nature nourished my inner library and my love for Life grew accordingly. But free creativeness was to be found in oil painting, handling a palette, with oil linen scent all around, and my thoughts nestled somewhere between Heaven and Earth. Surely metaphor and symbols are at the very core of the work and I choose a precise meaning for each image. But if each one observer understands it according to his own consciousness, it's perfectly fine! In the work of comtemporary artists are to be found many artistic joy sources, in the superb work of Vladimir Kush, with whom I find a community of spirit. sleeping beauty book original

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sleeping beauty book original

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sleeping beauty book original

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sleeping beauty book original

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