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This theory concerns " 1 the behavioral changes that people make to attune their communication to their partner, 2 the extent to which people perceive their partner as appropriately attuning to them. Doing this helps the message sender gain approval from the receiver, increases efficiency in communication between both parties, and helps the sender maintain a positive social identity. This theory is concerned with the links between language, context, and identity. The communication accommodation theory has broadened this theory to include not only speech but also the "non-verbal and discursive dimensions of social interaction". Like speech accommodation theory, communication accommodation theory continues to draw from social psychology , particularly from four main socio-psychology theories: similarity-attraction, social exchange , causal attribution and intergroup distinctiveness. social exchange theroy.

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Social Exchange Theory

Yet, the use of social norms theory can be a very effective tool in analysing collective action problems, and defining strategies to modify behaviours or interactions. It reveals how power games, structural aspects, or interdependencies may perpetuate corrupt practices. Figure 1. Social map of interrelationships: National anti-corruption strategy in the road sector — main implementing actors.

Looking beyond this formal undertaking against corruption, how social exchange theroy the stakeholders take ownership of this policy on a daily basis? In order to understand threoy social embeddedness of public action in Rwanda, abb1 field research undertaken between and explored practices in a specific context, namely, the adoption of official policies safety and security, social exchange theroy anti-corruption by the taxi motorcycle or taxi moto sector operating on the streets of the capital, Kigali.

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The research was guided by the social nature of corruption. Secondly, according to this social interpretation of corruption, individuals are not driven primarily by a personal desire to more info their own interests, but instead are motivated by a strategic desire social exchange theroy conform to their perception of what others do or think.

In this interpretation, corruption in a particular setting is sustained by normative aspects, or collective power dynamics and conformity to certain norms and behaviours. Since the nineties, there has been a growing academic interest in the influence of social norms on corrupt practices. One of the more pressing concerns has been to better understand the elements or catalysts of corruption in order to fully social exchange theroy the relationship between society and the state.

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Open-ended interviews with taxi motorcycle drivers and security officers took place in and For both periods, taxi drivers were chosen at random on the streets to participate in the research the interviews took place both during the day and at nightwhile security officers were contacted directly when they were at taxi ranks. The interviewees were males aged between 19 and 38 years, as almost all drivers are young men. There were also numerous participant observations at the taxi motorcycle ranks and checkpoints.

During all social exchange theroy open-ended interviews, the use of vignettes, or short hypothetical scenarios or stories, allowed interviewees to respond to a pertinent situation without social exchange theroy they were the focal point of the discussion. Apart from the vignettes, the questions asked were designed to explore the social embeddedness of public action in Rwanda, and in particular, the policy for and order on public roads.

social exchange theroy

In Rwanda, the most common form of urban transport is the taxi motorcycle. Even though the drivers operate in what is an informal economic sector, it has become highly regulated. At those meetings, security officers respond to requests from the headquarters of the traffic police.

social exchange theroy

Sincedifferent initiatives have included rehabilitation programmes to foster notions of integrity and civic responsibility among population groups Itorero and Ingandoevaluation tools measuring the performance of public servants Imihigoand a stringent legal operational social exchange theroy for the public and private sectors. In particular, the Office of the Ombudsman is officially in charge of combatting corruption, relying on infrastructure and various important instruments to monitor transparency and compliance with regulations in all governmental sectors.

Nevertheless, there are also concerns that the anti-corruption policy may be go here as a tool to maintain the power balance. Immoral conduct or corruption charges are used to persecute critics and opponents. The context of low voice and accountability favours the potential use of exchangs policies by the powerful. It also suggests that the anti-corruption policy in Rwanda is a strong tool for social exchange theroy order, especially within public services. As part of the zero tolerance campaign, the administration exvhange institutional reforms within the police force. A services inspectorate was created, along with a disciplinary unit and an ethics centre for the promotion of professional standards.

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Nowadays, each new recruit is briefed on ethics by senior officers and is trained on ethical standards and the code of conduct required. Evaluation procedures were also implementedas well as a dedicated telephone line for denouncing any kind of corruption. Tehroy in, even a vague suspicion of corruption can prompt dismissal.

Suspects can also be relieved social exchange theroy their responsibilities or undergo a rehabilitation programme with a disciplinary unit.]

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