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Stolen party stolen party.

For this course, I like to assign literature so that we can look at it as writers instead of simply readers. I like to discuss the choices writers make with other writers.

stolen party

And by discussing the work of other writers, we always learn more about our own craft. Hecker hits all the marks with this story.

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Good old Rosaura gives this awful girl a kick and a small slice of cake, so she seems able to stand up for herself. Feel free to respond to all of them, a few of them, or only one. No wrong answers here.

stolen party

She does speak harshly to a little girl, yes? But is she a bad mother? Children are particularity difficult to write. When some writers create child characters, they are way too sweet and therefore not credible.

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What particular details make these kids credible? Is the ending too subtle? The story ends with an incomplete gesture. The writer chooses the third person to narrator the story. How would the story be different if she chose the first person, allowing stolen party Rosaura to narrate the story herself? Would the first person be better in your opinion?]

stolen party

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