Sumerian civilization time period -

Sumerian civilization time period

Sumerian civilization time period - consider

Sumerian civilization spanned a period of three thousand years beginning around B. Early cities like Eridu and Larsa revolved around year-round agriculture. The Sumerians invented such important landmark inventions like the wheel and writing. Their civilization also developed their own distinctive art. Like many ancient cultures, the Sumerians developed art that was largely reflective of their religious beliefs. Some artistic archeological finds depict flora and fauna of the region. The Sumerian art medium of choice was clay which was abundant in the region, but statues made from stone have also been unearthed. Many of their statues depicted smoothly rounded elements that are unlike the statues of other Mesopotamian civilizations. Often artist decoration adorned functional items such as pottery, weapons, or even farm implements. Painting and sculpture were both important artistic mediums for the Sumerians. sumerian civilization time period

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sumerian civilization time period

They are known as the Ancestral Pueblo Indiansor Anasazi. There are several known descendant groups of Anasazi today, the most known of them include Taos, Zuni and Hopi Indians. Hence the name: Basket Makers.

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These people lived in pits and caves, which later became large underground dwellings. After CE their descendants started making villages above ground. They used stone and, apparently, around this period we can tmie the development of their religion. Anasazi started building ceremonial rooms called kivas and telling stories about the mysterious gods. Those gods came through a portal called Sipapu.

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According to those tales it was the gods, who long ago taught them agriculture, masonry, how to use bow and arrow and make beautiful pottery. No one knows exactly why, but around CE some of the ancient Puebloans moved from their villages to the dangerous cliff dwellings along canyons walls. Perhaps it was their way to protect themselves from invading Navajo and Apache.

sumerian civilization time period

Anasazi were small and agile people. It seemed to be easy for them to climb back and forth to the top of the canyon.

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They had to do it practically every day to tend to their crops. See these little holes in the rock between the structures? Interestingly, you see similar stairs in Machu Picchu.]

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