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Synonym for gender norms - apologise, but

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Gender policing is the imposition or enforcement of normative gender expressions on an individual who is perceived as not adequately performingthrough appearance or behavior, the sex that was assigned to them at birth see gender performativity.

synonym for gender norms

Gender policing serves to devalue or delegitimize expressions that deviate from normative conceptions of gender, thus reinforcing the gender binary. According to Judith Butlerrejection of individuals who are non-normatively gendered is a component of creating one's own gender identity.

synonym for gender norms

It is common for normative gender performances of to be encouraged and rewarded, while non-normative performances are discouraged through punishment or generally negative reactions. Policing of non-normative performances ranges in intensity from relatively minor discouraging comments to brutal acts of violence. Tactics of gender policing also vary widely, depending in part on the perceived gender of the individual target.

Biological sex

Gender policing aims to keep gender roles rigid and aligned fo to the gender binary. The gender binary is the idea that gender exists as the opposition between man and woman. Heteronormativityas an institution, is an extension of this belief that posits that gender and sexuality are expressions of biology.

This functionalism of biology asserts that male and female genitalia only serve the purpose of procreation, which creates gender roles that manifest from a perceived innate desire, giving sexuality a specific purpose within society.

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Gayle Rubin 's writing in "The Traffic in Women" links the creation of the gender binary to the subordination of women in western society. Rubin synonym for gender norms that "woman" was a role created in opposition to "man" and served the purpose of building power, trade relationships, and mutual aid through the exchange of women by marriage.

These Kinship systems necessitated rules, which had to be policed to ensure their continued survival. These rules crystallized into tender, culturally instilling the rules for accepted sexuality in western society.

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The gender binary in western society was formalized from the interpretations of men and women during the hunter-gatherer ages. Early interpretations of these survival techniques is one of the main reasons for the current idea of the gender binary within western society.

synonym for gender norms

In his review of the ethnography of gathering shellfish, Clive Bonsall incorrectly presumed that women and children were primarily gatherers and men were the hunters due to their stronger skill set. These assumptions of past societies shaped the current structure of western society into the beliefs that men are the providers and women are the supporters. Additionally in the idea of heterosexual marriage as the societal norm came from the analysis of the interactions between different Mesolithic populations.

Another mentality that strengthens the idea of binary gender within western society is warrior-breeder relationship. In this mentality, synonym for gender norms is characterized by the traits of the model warrior: strong and fearless, yet disposable.]

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