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Analysis of The Darkling Thrush

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The barren landscape evokes a deathlike feeling and in tune with the rapidly closing century, appears as its corpse that lies outleantwithin a tomb crypt of overhanging clouds. With the wind singing a mournful elegy death lamentthere is hardly any note of rejuvenation, and even the seeds of spring, promising life, are shrunken hard.


Consequently, the poet feels lifeless fervourless. Suddenly tthe pervading gloom is interrupted by the vibrant full-hearted song of an aged and frail thrush. Right from the very onset, the inescapable feeling is one of depression and loneliness. Till stanza 2, the poem bears a pessimistic tone, and the mood is meditative. With the emergence of the thrush in stanza 3, both the tone and mood become inspiring and hopeful.

the darkling thrush analysis

In the first half of the poem, most of the images are gray and grim. The Darkling Thrush, apart from echoing the Victorian traits of being a lyric or having a moral objective, is also a fitting forerunner of Modernism, for, in dealing with loss, despair, and loneliness, it reflects a trend that was going to be explored more intensely by Eliot and Pound.

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the darkling thrush analysis

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