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The decline of the ottoman empire Video

How did the Ottomans start to decline? - History of The Ottomans (1700 - 1800)

The decline of the ottoman empire - congratulate, seems

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Economic Difficulties

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the decline of the ottoman empire

This map shows the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire, from The economy of the Ottoman Empire suffered significantly after European powers began trading with Ghe Asia and the East Indies by sea rather than through Ottoman-controlled land routes. As revenues declined, the empire responded in part by increasing taxes or resorting to confiscations, which only worsened the situation.

The empire accrued enormous debt by the midth century. The problem was exacerbated in the s by drought, flooding, and a global financial crisis. Ottoman sultans attempted to rescue the empire through a series of reforms intended to modernize the state.

Brief history of the Ottoman Empire

The most important of these were the Tanzimat reforms, introduced between and The sultans increasingly centralized control of the state as reforms were ottomqn in the areas of finance, administration, justice, education, and the military. However, as all legal authority became concentrated in the hands of the sultans, resistance arose, particularly among a group of dissidents known as the Young Turks.

The Young Turks deposed the sultan the following year. After their rise to power, the group promoted a new spirit of Turkish nationalism.]

the decline of the ottoman empire

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