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For council: The truth about gmos

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the truth about gmos

The truth about gmos Video

Monsanto: The Company that Owns the World’s Food Supply

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Opponents of GMOs have a multitude of concerns, ranging from fear that they're gmoos to bad for the environment. Other folks worry that we just don't know what potential dangers could be lurking in ears of corn and tomatoes, and argue that it should be disclosed if a food has been genetically modified.

the truth about gmos

But when you dig into the data and examine the facts, you'll find that studies continue to show that the risks of GMOs are minimal, if any at all. So here's what's important to know about GMOs.

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GM food is totally safe Getty Images In spite of many memes that circulate on social media, ranging from rats with garish tumors to potatoes growing mutant eyes, genetically modified food is totally safe to eat, according to science. For one, GMOs are among the most studied areas of research in the agricultural and biological sciences, which means there is ample data to sift through. Additionally, that data has yet to show that anything about GMOs is risky or dangerous. People want labels, but they create continue reading problems Getty Images Plenty of the truth about gmos have called for state and federal governments to label any foods or products that contain GMOs.

On the surface, it seems harmless enough, but others argue those labels really aren't necessary — especially since a non-GMO label already exists, which allows consumers to select non-GMO food if that's their preferance. Opponents of the labels claim that if GMOs were dangerous, the FDA wouldn't label them — they'd the truth about gmos them off the market.

Gmo Food Vs Organic Foods

Additionally, those labels may help to spread fear and misinformation about The truth about gmos, and could also potentially drive up the price of food, which no one wants. But there's no evidence that they do, according to Kevin Folta, a professor at the University of Florida in Gainsville. He told Forbes"The short answer is no, there is absolutely zero reputable evidence that GMO foods cause cancer.

A significant resulted from a study that concluded genetically modified corn caused cancer in rats. However, the study was later retracted — though the panic it caused still remains.

the truth about gmos

Additionally, a report from the National Academies of Science concluded that GMOs have not caused an increase in cancer rates, as well as many other illnesses it's been blamed for. Monsanto isn't all bad Getty Images Fewer corporations are more maligned than Monsanto, the creators of Roundup Ready crops.]

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