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I have two guards downstairs in my dungeon, ready to sacrifice your parents- would you like to surrender in place of them? How could she refuse? Her parents had to live, even if it meant a life in captivity. Two days later found Kat laying in her cell, trying to hold back her tears, for they were her weakness. The cold is a symbol for her relationship that Minnie had with John and her preserve jars are a symbol for Minnie. Eventually the jars Minnie would crack and she would lose her mental stability. This clearly shows that her grandchildren required them to be super clean even though the water was freezing cold, they had to do what she said. Trifle susan glaspell analysis trifle susan glaspell analysis

Compare And Contrast Trifles And The Storm Glaslell two people get married, couples have a strong relationship with each other and live on because of one thing, honesty. Looking at the marriage relationships in the play Trifles by Susan Glaspell and the short story The Storm by Kate Chopin, someone can scrutinize that there are reasons to compare why the wives can be both can be dishonest trifle susan glaspell analysis ambiguous with their respective spouse that leads to a dysfunctional relationship.

trifle susan glaspell analysis

In The Storm, the protagonist Calixta is shown to be a hard working….]

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