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You now have access to better, more powerful vaporizers than ever before, and you can enjoy vaping nicotine with some of the most mouth-watering flavors ever invented. Such market activity has, naturally, attracted a lot of attention and caused many to spread misinformation and misconceptions about vaping. The first, most common misconception is that vaping is just as bad as smoking. The truth is, however, that smoking is incomparably worse, and you should do all you can to quit. During the combustion process, when you light up a cigarette, thousands of harmful chemicals are released, at least 70 of which are known to cause cancer. When was vaping invented

So how do you avoid looking like a vaping douche and maintain a modicum of swagger and style while puffing on an ecig? How does one vape like a true gentleman?

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Keep reading and we will let you know some etiquette and everything you need to know about vaping in public places. Each inhale a wispy breathed advertisement, the exhale a plume of obnoxious smog, intruding every crevice in its surroundings. We get it, you vape. As co-founder and director of ecigwizard.

when was vaping invented

You are expected to smoke in designated areas, away from non-smoking folk. I go outside and I vape away from people, all the time respecting those around me. Takeaway: take your ecig outside. My advice?

when was vaping invented

Keep it slick and discreet. And really, do you want to look like the kind of gentleman that compensates in other areas with an oversized vape?

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Have you ever exhaled and received a compliment from those around you, asking what amazing flavour you are vaping? In a subculture where you need to know the latest e-liquid brandsyour Lolly Vape Co. A real gentleman has an arsenal of sweet, intoxicating e-juice flavours, just as he would collect and sparingly enjoy single malt whiskies. Done right, your ecig can be a valuable weapon in your gentleman etiquette toolbox. Sign in.

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