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Electric cigarettes is basically an electric device which behaves like tobacco smoking. It usually includes a modulator, a battery power, and a chamber for storing chemical compounds and vapor. Rather than tobacco, an individual ingests vapor from the nicotine-laced liquid. Instead, it provides a safer way to enjoy the flavor of cigarette smoke without the harmful unwanted effects. An e-Cig might help reduce the risk of cancer and other diseases which are associated with smoking. Included in these are throat, bronchitis, esophageal tumor, cancers of the oral cavity and throat, and many more. Since it does not contain nicotine, there is no need to make use of tobacco, cigars or smoking cigarettes. E-Cigs are also less likely to contribute to a stroke, which is especially important for those who already have a brief history of cardiovascular disease.

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Grupo04 - Smoking should be banned in public places why cigarette smoking should be banned Why cigarette smoking should be banned

Is smoking really healthy for them?

why cigarette smoking should be banned

How much does it cost an individual to smoke? What are the costs to society when people smoke?

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These are all questions that can easily be taken care of by banning cigarette smoking. It is really a disgusting sight to see a woman with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth. It is equally bad to see children with smoking cigarettes. Cigarette smoking should be banned, not only in restaurants but everywhere.

Why Smoking Should Be Banned

When someone smokes cigarettes it. Although they are equipped with the knowledge of how unhealthy smoking can be, people still choose to smoke. It is a personal choice and a highly addictive habit. Smokers choose to subject themselves to the health risks of smoking.

why cigarette smoking should be banned

It is not for the government or any third party to dictate whether or not a person should be allowed to smoke. However, smoking does not only affect the smoker negatively. It also affects all the people around those who smoke because. Yes, smoking should be banned click school or in the college campuses as it creates a healthy environment for the students to live in.

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Majority of the students only smoke for pleasure and some of them smoke to release tension. Smoking causes many harmful diseases such as. Everyone should be treated equally, with no exceptions.]

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