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This combination of events is reminding the United Kingdom that the reign of the queen, the only monarch most of her subjects have ever known, is finite. That has triggered speculation about how long she will remain on the throne, what the monarchy will look like in the future ognu, for some, even whether it should continue to exist. She was formally crowned on June 2, During that ceremony, televised around the world, the queen promised to govern the United Kingdom and her other realms. Six years earlier, in a speech in South Africa, then-Princess Elizabeth made clear that her just click for source was for life. Even as she mourned last week, the queen attended a ceremony marking the retirement of her Lord Chamberlain, who organizes all ceremonial events for the palace, and continued to hold conversations with Commonwealth youtube liz ogbu. That youtube liz ogbu she has no intention of emulating Queen Victoria, who retreated from public life when her husband, Prince Albert, died unexpectedly at piz age of 42, Hardman told the BBC.

While her popular grandson, Prince Harry, has stepped away from royal duties, the rest of the royals, backed by professional staff and advisers, are likely to rally round the queen and take on more tasks. Sustaining the institution will be the bedrock popularity of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who have a reliable ability to connect with the public.

The queen may also be helped by technology.

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During the pandemic, Elizabeth has connected with the public youtube liz ogbu a series of Zoom calls. The appearances, yotube by the palace and posted on social media, have allowed people to see the queen speaking to schoolchildren, volunteers and health service officials — smiling, joking and making canny observations in a more personal way than the scripted speeches that have dominated her public life. Last month, for example, she held a Zoom call with a group of children and scientists where she was asked about her meeting with the first man in space, Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin.

youtube liz ogbu

The monarch, who invited Gagarin to Buckingham Palace shortly after his historic flight inwas asked what the pioneering spaceman was like. The audience chuckled.

youtube liz ogbu

Just another day of working from home.]

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