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03.06 respond to a writing prompt How was archduke franz ferdinand assassinated
03.06 respond to a writing prompt 03.06 respond to a writing prompt

03.06 respond to a writing prompt Video

Responding to a Prompt

Google Form Here Racism and Jobs As we have mentioned earlier in the semester, there are multiple audit studies that show that race is a factor in preventing some Americans from interviewing for potential jobs. Labor Market and Felonies From the NY Times, When a Dissertation Makes a Difference shows not only how unconscious bias can play a role in hiring in a most inequitable way, but also how sociology can make a difference that influences policy. As a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin, Devah Pager studied the difficulties of former prisoners trying to find work and, 03.06 respond to a writing prompt the process, came up with a disturbing finding: it is easier for a white person with a felony conviction to get a job than for a black person whose record is clean.

03.06 respond to a writing prompt

Pager's dissertation is called The Mark of a Criminal Record was an audit study of the Milwaukee area labor market. She also published in a follow-up study in the American Sociological Review which was a more qualitative study using fieldwork. Choose one of the links above regarding racism and jobs and quickly review it using the skills you learned in unit two.

What are your thoughts about the article? Racism and Segregation One way that racism continues in the United States is through continued segregation.

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Please explore the evidence below for how segregation continues and both exemplifies racial inequality and amplifies it. Racial Dot Map The University of Virginia used census data to create a map of where people from different races live called the racial dot map. Search the map for examples of segregation. Identify one example of segregation on the racial dot map.

03.06 respond to a writing prompt

Describe where the segregation is. After you have tried to identify some examples of segregation on your own, look at this analysis from Patheos of the racial dot map. Segregation in rental market This research by economists Early, Carrillo, and Olsen finds that discrimination causes black renters to pay substantially more than whites for identical homes in identical neighborhoods; the amount of the exploitation is greater the more white the neighborhood.

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Hypothesize at least one way how segregation might contribute to economic, health or educational disparities. Racism and Pgompt Social factors play an important and well-documented role in health outcomes. Race is especially correlated to health outcomes because racial inequalities are so stark and have persisted for so long.

Please examine all of the evidence below that race affects health outcomes. American Academy of Pediatrics published this statement about how childrens and teens can be harmed by racism and what doctors and healthcare providers should do to improve health outcomes.]

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