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I've seen quite a few threads about pre's and noticed most of the fuss is over their character or sound. I assume that most good pre's have some sort of special circuitry enhanced by industry vets as their signature series. And what pre's should I avoid? If the front end is not all that it can be, everything else is a compromise. Listen to ShellTones, this is where you should be looking Actually, I hear the RNP is great for the price, and will give you a decent sound, but nothing with what I would call "character". The way you obtain a sweet sound is by having an excellent and sweet source. What you want to avoid is the cheap crap and most if not all of the the mid level stuff where it is just mildly upgraded cheap crap with many added half-ass features. We live in the days of you pretty much get what you pay for. active personality

The Japanese Bobtail is an affectionate and loving cat breed best known for its short tail. They are gentle, quiet, and fun-loving cats who will love interacting with their favorite humans.

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Japanese Bobtail cats are small to medium in size. They come in various colors and patterns.

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The Japanese Bobtail is one of the few cat breeds with a naturally occurring stumpy tail that is not associated with any disorder. Japanese Bobtails are personalitty different from other cat breeds. In this blog, you can learn more about their characteristics and what makes them active personality. They have existed in the island nation for at least 1, years.

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The origin of the bobbed tails is still not active personality or probably will never be known. However, the breed is around the corner for many centuries. Early Japanese folklore contains many references to short-tailed cats. Japanese Bobtails can also be found in silkscreen paintings and Japanese wood print.

Japanese Bobtail History

Japanese Bobtail is one of the oldest cat breeds with numerous folk tales as the country in which the breed is developed. Japanese Bobtails have a unique pattern of red, black, and white markings.

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These markings are called Mi-Ke which were considered lucky. The Japanese Bobtails were kept by the people who had silkworms. They were used in rodent control.

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However, the imperial family loved the Japanese bobtail so much that the cats enjoyed all the benefits of the ruling classes. These cats were taken active personality of like royalty. One of the most famous stories about the Japanese Bobtail is that one of the great emperors liked the Japanese bobtail so much that actove ordered that no one else but only he could own this breed.]

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