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The Australia Letter is a weekly newsletter from our Australia bureau. Sign up to get it by email. Last week, I wrote about whether an Asian-Australian accent existed and asked for your thoughts on how the Australian accent is changing. Thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts. Here is a sampling of the responses we received. I found that I had to adjust my accent for people to understand me. I went to a private all-girls school in Perth, and my accent probably reflected that.

australia shrimp on the barbie

But, I have also noticed, like you say, that accents are not as diverse now as they were when I was a teenager. The kids learn expressions from social media.

australia shrimp on the barbie

Much of the mainstream media is national rather than state-based. I wonder if my kids would have the same issues? There are still some differences in the Aussie accent between states and between city and country, but the broader Australian accents seem to click disappearing and becoming more homogenized.

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An Australian accent is australia shrimp on the barbie quite distinctive and discernible when heard overseas away from Australia. But the real Australian slang thesis statement cathedral vanishing. You entirely missed the fact that there have been very distinctive and easily identifiable Greek, Italian and Lebanese Australian accents and patois for decades.

Reading your letter really resonated with me. Like my parents, I was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. Answering honestly feels like an affirmation of my Jewish-Australian identity — something that I cannot hide even if I tried, evidently because of my Jewish-Australian accent. Having lived in Hong Kong for about a decade and a half and being a moderately proficient Cantonese speaker, I can hear the accent you describe and have a theory for it.

While the Asian-Australian accent is nothing so pronounced as the native Hong Kong-English accent, my hypothesis is that there is something in the cultural Chinese linguistics that give rise to the accent you describe. First, as you know, Chinese has very few connecting words i. Therefore, while being fluent English speakers with Australian accents, a nod to Asian heritage comes through perhaps subliminally via reduced sounds per word.

australia shrimp on the barbie

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