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In accepting an offer, if an offeree introduces new terms or varies the terms of the offer, this will not constitute a valid acceptance but will be viewed as a counteroffer. In this case, Doors Software placed an order on 5 May , with additional items included, such as the installation of the servers at 10, pounds, rather than the 15, pounds suggested by Hard Water Co and a change in the delivery time frame. This is likely to be viewed as a counteroffer, rather than an acceptance of terms. On this basis, the original offer put forward by Hard Water Co which included the price variation clause will be deemed to have been rejected, applying the precedent of Hyde v Wrench. According to Lord Denning, no contract will come into existence unless and until the acceptance has been communicated to the offerer. In this case, the counteroffer by Doors Software has been communicated to Hard Water Co as the order form. This order form does not contain a price variation clause, however, Hard Water Co has completed and signed the form and returned it to Doors Software without insisting on the price variation clause. On this basis, Hard Water Co will be held to have accepted the contract on the terms set out in the order form of the Doors Software Company. The question of contracts that are generated through standard business documents, like the order form, etc was examined in the case of Butler Machine Tool v Excell-O-Corp which is very similar to the instant case. business law quiz Business law quiz

It found that bank executives lied to investors and the public. Also, traders, with the knowledge of top management, changed risk qujz to facilitate more trading and then violated even here higher limits. Into what ethics traps did these JP Morgan employees fall? What options did the executives and traders have for dealing with this wrongdoing?

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Both companies desperately wanted to win the contract. William Haggett, the Bath CEO, was notified about the file just as he was walking out the door to give a luncheon speech. What should he do? What pitfalls did he face?

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What result if he considered Mill, Kant, or the Businexs Page test? A group of medical schools conducted a study on very premature babies—those born between 24 and 27 weeks of gestation instead of the normal 40 weeks. These children face a high risk business law quiz blindness and death. The study made some important discoveries: the level at which too much oxygen increased the risk of blindness and level at which 18th century age enlightenment little increased the risk of death. What would Mill and Kant say about this decision not to tell the families? Because Raina processes payroll at her company, she knows how much everyone earns, including the top executives. This information could make for some good gossip, but she has kept it business law quiz completely secret.

She just found out, however, that her boss knew that it is against company policy for her to do payroll for C-level employees. Bsuiness, the CEO went to her boss to confirm that he, the boss, was personally doing the processing for top management. Her boss lied to the CEO and said that he was. Then he begged Raina not to tell the truth if the CEO checked with her.

Raina just got a message that the CEO wants to see her.

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What does she say if he asks about the payroll? He built his New Jersey practice by making unsolicited phone calls to executives. When he moved to Florida, the Board of Accountancy there prohibited him and all CPAs from personally soliciting new business.

business law quiz

Business law quiz sued. Argument for Fane: The Florida regulation violates the First Amendment, which protects commercial speech. Fane was not saying anything false or misleading, but was just trying to secure business. This is an unreasonable regulation, designed to keep newcomers out of the marketplace and maintain steady business and high prices for busniess CPAs.]

business law quiz

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