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classical conditioning research paper

Browse the database of more than essays donated by our community members! It is used to explain and interpret a wide range of human behaviour, such researcy where phobias come from, why we dislike certain foods, the source of our emotions, how advertising works, why we feel nervous before a job interview and before an exam and what arouses us sexually.

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Ivan Pavlov, the famous Russian physiologist, discovered these important relationships around the turn of the century. He created the first learning theory, which precedes the reinforcement theory. In his experiment with dogs, he discovered the process of reflex learning Classical conditioning. That an unconditioned stimulus food that produces an unconditioned response salivation is presented together with a conditioned classical conditioning research paper bellso that the salivation is eventually produced on the conditioned stimulus bell alone, thus becoming a conditioned response. Stage 3. After learning.

His theories of Classical conditioning explained a major portion of human behaviour and helped to launch psychology as a true science. Today, Watson is credited with recognizing its importance as a potential explanation of how many disorders develop.

So when Watson worked with Rayner and they succeeded in inducing fear in a young child through classical conditioning.

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The following experiment was considered to classicql one of the most ethically questionable psychology experiments ever conducted. When he was about nine months old his reactions to various stimuli were tested — a white rat, a rabbit, a dog, a monkey, masks with and without hair, cotton wool, burning newspapers and a hammer striking a four-foot steel bar just behind his head. When Albert was just over eleven months old, the rat and the UCS were presented together; this occurred seven times altogether over the next seven weeks, by which time the rat CS on its own came to produce classical conditioning research paper fear response now a CR. Albert showed discrimination. Little Peter had a fear of animals, therefore an experiment was conducted in order that he become unconditioned to his fear, thus lose his phobia.

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The experiment was very effective, and this was an early example of a method of removing fears or phobias called systematic desensitisation; it is used a lot today. This type of influence is extremely common.

classical conditioning research paper

If you have pets and you feed them with canned food, what happens when you begin to open the can with an opener? The animals come running even if you are opening a tin of baked beans!

classical conditioning research paper

They have associated the sound of the opener with their food. Classical conditioning works with people too. Cost-conscious consumers will make a beeline for the Sales area because they associate a good sale with the announcement.]

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