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However, both churches have significant differences with each other and even greater differences with evangelical churches. Alexandria, Antioch, and Jerusalem all fell to Muslim conquest in the early s, leaving Constantinople and Rome as the two main leaders of Christianity , with a rivalry between the Patriarch of Constantinople and the Pope of Rome. The Eastern church Constantinople and the Western church Rome disagreed on doctrinal issues. Rome said unleavened bread like Passover bread must be used for communion, but the East used leavened bread to represent the risen Christ. They disputed changes to the wording of the Nicene Creed and whether priests should be unmarried and celibate. This dissension and rivalry led to the Pope of Rome excommunicating the Patriarch of Constantinople, followed by the Patriarch promptly excommunicating the Pope. Most people belonging to the Eastern Orthodox churches live in eastern Europe, Russia, the Middle East, and northern Africa, with million baptized members.

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SOLDIERS HOME ERNEST HEMINGWAY Protestantism is an umbrella term for the religions that resulted from Reformation in the s usually attributed to Martin Luther. Protestants are a more broad group with many differences. This includes religions such as Baptists, Methodists, Episcopalians, etc. 14 hours ago · The longest unbeaten derby run in home matches is held by Liverpool, with Everton failing to win in the league (plus two cup games) for 22 games between and The longest unbeaten derby run in away matches is held by Everton, with a match run at Anfield between and , which included ten victories. Ulster loyalism is a strand of Ulster unionism associated with working class Ulster Protestants in Northern rectoria.unal.edu.co most unionists, loyalists support the continued existence of Northern Ireland within the United Kingdom, and oppose a united rectoria.unal.edu.co other strands of unionism, loyalism has been described as an ethnic nationalism of Ulster Protestants and "a variation of British.
Differences between protestants and catholic How to compare and contrast two stories
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Differences between protestants and catholic

Differences between protestants and catholic Video

The Difference between Catholics and Protestant Christians differences between protestants and catholic

Posted by: thedesertrat1 Date: April 13, PM. I have an ongoing question. Article 8: We believe the bible to be the word of God so far as it is translated correctly. We also believe the Book difference Mormon to be the word of God. I can accept that they believe that! In order that I better understand, what parts of the Bible are not translated correctly? Re: I have an ongoing question. Nobody wants to propose an answer?


Edited 1 time s. The answer is that any part of the Bible that the church dislikes at a particular time is translated incorrectly. But you knew that, didn't you? But are there any parts of the "bible" that the "church " has declared wrongly translated? Yes, any portion that JS revised. But the whole thing, including the JS revisions, are subject to further revision as necessary. Posted by: blindguy Date: April 13, PM. Okay, I'll bite.

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The parts of the Bible that weren't "translated" correctly are the dkfferences of the Bible most of it, actually that Joseph Smith, in his less than infinite wisdom, didn't get around to translating re creating a new story. Recall, though, that the church has always insisted that the JS version was incomplete and even the things Joseph changed might need to be changed again.

differences between protestants and catholic

I think the first thing to realize is there is no one bible. There are thousands of translations into hundreds of languages. I have a six column bible.

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By that I mean there are six different english translations side by side for comparison. They don't always agree. Different bibles even have different books. For hundreds of years books were included and excluded then forgotten. The Catholic bible has books not in the Baptist bible.

The Ethiopian bible is the only one I am aware of that has the book of Enoch.

differences between protestants and catholic

Even though Jesus quotes it in the new testament over 30 times. One of the oldest bibles, the Codex Sinaticus written if I remember correctly protsetants years ago show signs of corrections, additions and deletions to the text. So on a http://rectoria.unal.edu.co/uploads/tx_felogin/the-breakdown-of-the-basic-nature-of/who-published-the-anti-slavery-newspaper-the-north-star.php, the concept that there is a perfect book.

Can you clarify the Baptist bible you reference? I have atte nded Baptist churches both here and in the UK and have never heard of such an edition.]

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