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Obesity, Causes, SIgns and Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment. essay on obesity.

There is no doubt that children in developing essay on obesity are facing more problems than children in developed countries such as poverty, infectious diseases, and backward medical treatment. As Shonkoff states, perfect approaches to continue reading, cognitive, and physical aspects will help children to perform better in their school, workplace, as well as the community If children were suffering extreme abuse and poverty, their brain development is slower than other children.

For example, domestic violence will make the attachment between parents and children fragile. Therefore, a safe and balanced childhood really helps a human to become a better person. The issue O want to talk for my assignment is obesity.

essay on obesity

It is commonly believed that except for one-third of obese people affected by genetics, the emergence of most obese people is closely related to food industrialization, urbanization and economic globalization. There are three types of obesity: one is simple obesity, the cause is excessive eating, and the second is secondary obesity, which is essay on obesity caused by obeisty such as endocrine disorders and metabolic disorders.

essay on obesity

The third type drug-induced obesity, which is caused mainly by taking drugs such as hormones. According to Wright and Aronne, the leading cause of obesity is excess energy consumption, and genetic, psychological and social factors will raise the risk of becoming overweight Therefore, the etiology of obesity is very complex, but some people only believe that obesity is only due to excess consumption.

Obesity is a popular topic as the public begins to notice the negative effects of essay on obesity. Our society is changing rapidly now; we pay much attention to our school work, salary, and family but we pay less attention to our diet. People may choose fast food as it is cheap and time-saving.

Childhood Obesity Essays - Cause and Effect Essay Example

The situation is even worst in developing essay on obesity children may have higher risk of obesity due to poor awareness and unhealthy food. In the past, the public held the view that children in developing countries may suffer from hunger rather than obesity. However, the research shows the leading diet problem for children in developing countries is obesity but essay on obesity hunger, except for some regions in Africa.

The shortage of food has ceased to exist for many years and has been replaced by ample food. Moreover, food consumption in developing countries is shifting to a diet high in fat, sugar, salt and low in dietary fiber. Unhealthy diet and lack of exercise are the main risk factors for obesity, while cheap, easy to obtain and high-fat foods consumption has driven the increase in obesity and overweight. Moreover, the number is increasing oesity in the past 10 years.

Editorial: TV's Focus on Childhood Obesity Hits Home

Also, another contributing factor is esxay. According to Mayhew, McVey and Bardick, the association between obesity and depression is not unidirectional, depression may become the cause as well as the result When children are depressed, they often like to use delicious food to stabilize their emotions and awaken their inner desire for happiness and happiness. Coupled with depression, children are often reluctant to participate in activities, prefer to stay essay on obesity their own world to avoid everyone, resulting in weight gain. A survey showed that obese patients article source more prone to depression, anxiety, anger and other negative emotions, In addition, the family and many social factors are also important causes of childhood essay on obesity.

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At the household level, the generation of parents of obese children were mostly lacking in food when they were young. When they are able to give their children a food guarantee, they will try their best to give their children the most nutritious food.

essay on obesity

As a result, children who do not have excessive self-selection ability will consume excess nutrition. A survey shows that At the school level, the education system puts too much pressure on children for higher education, which makes them pay more attention to learning, thus essay on obesity the time for extracurricular exercise and play.

Obesify a social perspective, the existence of profiteers has caused the proliferation of hormones in food and the chemicals in the environment to a certain extent to cause childhood obesity.]

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