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There is a fine line between what elements Marvel plants as purposeful foreshadowing and what is a small hint that escalates into a fan theory. With so many characters and locations at their disposal, Marvel has dropped hundreds of references throughout the MCU. Some have paid off incredibly well , but there are also those scenes and pieces of dialogue that have yet to deliver any pay-off at all. In the Marvel short All Hail The King it was teased that the actual Mandarin is still out there, yet fans have not seen anything of him in the last eight years. But the Ten Rings will feature in the upcoming Shang-Chi movie, so it looks like the Mandarian plot will finally be paid off. In Spider-Man: Homecoming , as Happy loads up the plane that Vulture is planning to hijack, he lists off a number of items that are included in the manifest. It makes sense considering the Avengers need all the tools they can get to go up against Thanos and his army. Although Cap did get some new Vibranium shields courtesy of Wakanda, the shield that Happy was referring to also turned out to be nothing more than a line of dialogue. Many fans took these moments as foreshadowing that Steve would pass his shield to Bucky in some way. foreshadow example Foreshadow example

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Foreshadowing means A. Foreshadowing means hinting at things that will occur later.

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foreshadow example

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foreshadow example

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foreshadow example

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