Foreshadow used in a sentence -

Foreshadow used in a sentence - can

He uses this tale to illustrate a theme of how to much curiosity can be dangerous. Jacobs utilizes many different literary techniques to explain his theme. At the beginning of the story W. Jacob uses foreshadowing that hints at the decision Mr. White will make at the climax of the story. foreshadow used in a sentence

These clauses in run-on sentences are connected without a conjunction or punctuation mark. In most examples, the combination of these two independent clauses is problematic and should be separated. Run-on sentences are sometimes confusing due to the amount of information the writer is throwing at the reader.

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Run-on sentences are usually grammatically incorrect, long sentences in which the writer has connected two or more independent clauses without punctuation. More often forrshadow not, run-on sentences should be corrected.

But, some writers use them on purpose. It might also be done for stylistic purposes or in order to create a specific effect.

foreshadow used in a sentence

In academic writing, one should always correct run-on sentences. A fused sentence occurs when a writer connects two clauses, or complete sentences, without using any punctuation.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Foreshadow | Foreshadow Sentence

click The two clauses would make perfect sense on their own and can usually be easily divided. Here are some examples of fused sentences:. These sentences can be corrected as demonstrated below:. This type of run-on sentence occurs when two independent clauses are joined together with a comma. The comma is too weak to adequately connect the sentences together.

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In most cases, they should be split with some type of end-punctuation. Consider these examples:.

foreshadow used in a sentence

These sentences are all examples of run-one, comma splice sentences. They can be corrected as demonstrated below:. These are not the only ways to correct these sentences.]

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