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Freak show. Side show. When I was a little girl, nothing terrified me more than going to the circus, which for some reason, my family loved taking me to.

freaks and geeks online

Despite my pleads of, "Noooo, I don't want to! But, they were the pleadings of a very scared girl!

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Clowns, freaks, it was all horrific to me. I remember going to freak shows as a little girl and coming home traumatized. The freak show was popular with lower classes, causing 'dime museums' to spring up in impoverished neighborhoods.

freaks and geeks online

A four-legged woman, a three-eyed man, a fart-o-maniac and more! Sorry Kelsey, you'd be the fat one!!! Marfan Syndrome sideshow acts vintage - Google Search Privacy.]

freaks and geeks online

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