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Gandhi movie review essay

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This movie is about the famous Indian peaceful agitator for independence. It is a tale of the life of this great man who had dedicated himself to the struggle for the freedom of the Indian people from the British rule. It was produced in the year by Richard Attenborough. It is based on the autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi were he gave a detailed description of his journey in life and how he came to be involved in the Indian national politics. The film presents the chronological and realistic account of the life of this political activist. The movie begins at the end when an assassin shots this man at an event Attenborough, After the seeing incident, mourners pour out into the streets calling this a national tragedy. His death was a loss to the whole nation due to his commitment to the freedom of his people. gandhi movie review essay

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gandhi movie review essay

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Mahatma Gandhi : The British Rule Of India

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gandhi movie review essay

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gandhi movie review essay

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