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Gerald Pfister, Cordula M. J Cell Sci 15 April ; 8 : — The highly conserved and ubiquitous heat shock proteins HSP are essential for the cellular homeostasis and efficiently trigger cellular responses to stress conditions. Both microbial and human HSP act as dominant antigens in numerous infectious and autoimmune diseases such as atherosclerosis, inducing a strong immune-inflammatory response. In the present study, the surface localization of HSP60 on stressed and unstressed human umbilical venous endothelial cells HUVECs was investigated using sensitive high resolution microscopy methods and flow cytometry. Atomic force microscopy AFM , which has developed as sensitive surface-probe technique in biology, confirmed the presence of HSP60 on the membrane of stressed cells at an even higher lateral resolution by detecting specific single molecule binding events between the monoclonal antibody AbII tethered to AFM tips and HSP60 molecules on cells. Overall, we found clear evidence for the occurrence of HSP60 on the surface of stressed HUVECs in a very similar patchy distribution pattern in living and fixed cells. The relevance of our findings with respect to the role of HSP60 in atherogenesis is discussed. Heat shock proteins HSP are ubiquitous and structurally highly conserved molecules. gerald sigal. Gerald sigal

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gerald sigal

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gerald sigal

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