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There has been a lot written about application migration and strategies for success. But I'd like to focus on an element that I notice is frequently neglected: the importance of infrastructure to application migration. With an appreciative nod to the well-written ' The 6R's: 6 Application Migration Strategies ,' let's explore the role of infrastructure as you travel along your migration journey. The fastest way to move an enterprise workload to the cloud, and therefore commonly chosen for migrating legacy applications, is the re-host option. Lift and shift can be automated to maximize the speed of your migration, or it can be handled manually to enable work in parallel. But, in either case, re-hosting simply moves your existing application into the cloud without making any changes. great migration quotes Great migration quotes

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The Great Mississippi Qultes of was the most destructive river flood in the history of the United Stateswith 27, square miles 70, km 2 inundated in depths of up to 30 feet 9 m. The uninflated cost of the damage has been estimated to be between million and 1 billion dollars.

great migration quotes

Ninety-four percent of more thanpeople affected by the flood lived in the states of ArkansasMississippi and Louisianamost in the Mississippi Delta. More thanAfrican Americans were displaced from their homes along the Lower Mississippi River and had to great migration quotes for lengthy periods in relief camps. As a result of this disruption, many joined the Great Migration from the south to northern and midwestern industrial cities rather than return to rural agricultural labor. To prevent future floods, the federal government built the world's longest system of levees and floodways.

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Then Secretary of Commerce Herbert Hoover 's handling of the crisis improved his reputation, helping him become president in Political turmoil from the disaster at the state level aided the gubernatorial election of Huey Long in Louisiana. The flood began with extremely heavy rains in the central basin grext the Mississippi in the summer of great migration quotes By September, the Mississippi's tributaries in Kansas and Iowa were swollen to capacity.

great migration quotes

Approximately people died as a result of flooding. A group of influential bankers in town met to discuss how to guarantee the safety of the city, as they had already learned of the massive scale of flooding upriver.

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This was intended to prevent New Orleans from suffering serious damage, and it resulted in flooding much of the less densely populated St. Bernard Parish and all of Plaquemines Parish 's east bank. As it turned out, the destruction of the Caernarvon levee was unnecessary; several major levee breaks well upstream of New Orleans, including one the click after the demolitions, released major amounts of flood waters, reducing the water that reached the city.

The New Orleans businessmen did not compensate the great migration quotes of people in the downriver parishes. To address the disaster Congress passed the Mississippi Flood Control Act, which put greater stress on construction in the Mississippi Delta Levee Camps despite warnings from the NAACP about harsh great migration quotes conditions and mistreatment of black laborers within the camps.]

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