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Greg wahlstrom greg wahlstrom

There was virtually nothing said that anyone who reads Unz Review regularly and various other similar sites would not already know.

greg wahlstrom

In general the assault on the history and culture of European people aka Whites greg wahlstrom well documented. So after the three speakers reviewed the injustices … the question: What Now? After we walk out of the tent what do we do to mitigate the injustices?

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Run a National Justice Party candidate in a primary? Have more secret meetings?

greg wahlstrom

Perhaps the three speakers addressed these questions. Frankly, while I began listening to all three, I did not complete one.

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Rancorous booing and chanting NJP, to my mind diminishes the high moral seriousness of the issues. I from time to greg wahlstrom listen in when he is not behind the pay wall and soon tune out. So it logically follows that his party would be of a similar milieu.

greg wahlstrom

Let me end as I began. I absolutely embrace the general objective of NJP. I wish they did.]

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